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About Us

Mountain Landscape

We can’t escape the science. If we don’t urgently restore nature or halve emissions within the decade, our future on Earth is bleak.

This is a hard pill to swallow, and many still refuse to accept the situation is as grim as the science indicates.

It's no surprise.

For decades, the truth has been buried deep in environmental and scientific communities or been deliberately masked by fossil fuel companies (and many more) putting profit over our futures.

Most of the interviews currently on our site took place in 2020, when the website was first launched. While we spoke to some of the world's most esteemed experts, we realised we weren't helping the situation by remaining in circles that were aware of the facts; preaching to audiences already converted.

This time around, we'll include both those inside and outside of the environmental community.

Whether it’s a musician, athlete, actor, CEO or scientist we leverage the power of influential voices to make the greatest challenge of our age a matter of everyone's concern.

Official launch coming soon.

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