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Mountain Landscape

We can't sidestep science. Unless we make an urgent commitment to restore nature, build resilience and halve emissions within this pivotal decade, we risk writing a grim tale of our future on Earth.

This is an unpalatable reality for many, a bitter pill that few are willing to digest. Many either underestimate the gravity of the situation or reject it entirely, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence.

And it's no wonder.

The unsettling truth has been either swept under the rug or deliberately obscured by corporations more invested in their profit margins than our shared future. Fossil fuel companies have been prime culprits, but they are far from alone.

Our archive of interviews from our inaugural year in 2020 includes conversations with some of the most distinguished minds in the field. While these dialogues were immensely insightful, we came to a sobering realisation: we were essentially preaching to the choir, limiting our reach to those already conscious of the crisis.

This time, we're casting a wider net.

We're inviting voices from all walks of life - musicians, athletes, actors, CEOs, scientists, and more. We understand the power of influence, and we want to harness it to draw attention to the most pressing issue of our era.

Our goal isn't to instill fear, but to ignite a sense of responsibility and urgency; to make this global crisis relatable and actionable for every single person.

Because this is our planet, our future, and our fight. And we believe every voice counts in turning the tide.

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